what grade is a 78 out of 100?

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Answered: Why can't leftists pass the fifth grade?

This fool does nothing but post. Will someone please respond to the leftist Muslim Atheist poster? As we can all see he has nothing else in his life and is getting tired of being laughed at and ignored. This idiot just makes things up and then he wonders why he's the biggest joke on AOL. Would ...

Answered: ADHD medication does wonders for my daughters school but she don't sleep

I cant imagine how difficult it must be for a kid who cant sleep... I would not sacrifice her sleeping and eating for doing well at school. She might just be uncommonly intelligent. An article in the NY times today is about now kids have been wrongly diagnosed with adhd for decades. unfortunately i ...

Answered: 78 rpm of "heartbreak hotel'

Like any collectible, it mostly depends on condition. If it plays well and looks decent, some Elvis or Record collector will surely want it. (It was his first RCA release) However, it might be a chore in finding a dealer who will give you an honest price for it.
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78 records

Unless you enjoy them for what they are, they likely have little value. I have many thousands of them, and I enjoy them, and play them. I do not fool myself. Anything of real value has long since been 'restored' and released on CD. It's amazing what is on those records when played with proper ...

My question is about Nero 7.8 that is it a trial version or full and if

it's for 15 days. http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/nero7-demo.php

What do 12th grade pants look like?

highschool today guys wear the dickies pants with the cell pocket on the side they come in different colors black is popular

What do 11th grade pants look like?

Just like the pants you wore in kindergarten, Bidet Boy. Only the skid marks are bigger and smell worse.