what gpa is needed for graduating cum laude at lehigh university?

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Answered: Which is a higher ranking, suma cume laude or magna cum laude?

Magna = Highest Honors. [Suma = High Honors] Both are GREAT accomplishments! Rob

Answered: Im in need of 48 black graduation robes cheap. Anyone have any leads?

ALL Universities have catalogs of graduation robes and the students buy them. They cannot be gained by any other means.

Answered: What are popular graduate jobs?

Graduate Jobs in Leeds

Answered: Universities

If you do a web search for "Top 10 universities" (not universitys as shown in the category) you can get lists of the top 10 in the world, or in the US, or in California. One list of world rankings shows Cal Tech, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Cambridge, Imperial College London, UC ...
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I am familiar with a recruitment agency named Atticrecruitment. My friend introduced me to them. They are experienced in providing different graduate jobs.

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What is a unique and inventive theme for a graduation party??

it depends on what course he took, you can base your theme party on it.