What glock pistols have recalls?

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Answered: laser sight for glock 20 w/o rails

This firearm wasn't designed for a laser sight as the trajectory of the 10X25 MM round somewhat resembles a rainbow and has limited range. However, it is effective in close quarters and is an option with most police departments. Laser targeting systems are only needed at long range, such as the ...

Answered: How to assemble and disassemble glock cal.40 model 22

Glock Disassembly / Field Strip - YouTube ? 5:04? 5:04 www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLphhrLYmxEApr 16, 2009 - 5 min - Uploaded by nopd1010 TruthisTreason.net A brief overview of the mechanics of the Glock ... along with a tutorial on how to ... How To Detail Strip A Glock Pistol ...

Answered: Can you shoot 357 magnum ammunition in a 40 calliber semi automatic

Absolutely not. Doing that will very likely destroy your pistol, and quite possibly your hands.

Answered: Info on my pistol

As Norm says, it's probably an Iver Johnson. Any seasoned gunsmith can measure the chamber and tell you the correct caliber of the pistol or revolver.

Answered: I have a 1871 38 cal pistol : how can i find more information as to what

If a local gun dealer is unable to identify your pistol, try writing to NRA's AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine: address: 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030-9400. Tele. 703-267-1000. The magazine has a feature column to answer such questions. Be sure to send a photo of the pistol along ...

Answered: Ocean Spray Cranrasin trail Mix Recalls why did ...

Here is the web site explaining the recall. http://www.oceanspray.com/news/pr/pressrelease127.aspx
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Recall for Canon PowerShot S1 IS

I would suggest that you just call Canon to ask them what the story is. They need to be responsible for their own product. They need to care more than anyone else, and make sure that you as the customer are happy in the end. Make sure that you get a camera from them that works they way it should ...

Fps foe crosman air pistol

How old is that pistol? It's not made anymore. Probably the only way to find out is to Chrony it yourself or call Crosman at 800-7-AIRGUN . They might know. Thanks Scott www.airgundepot.com

WWII Japense Flare Pistol

Maybe this website will help: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SearchResults.aspx?Keywords=flare+pistol

Empty shell catcher for pistols, Is there one made?

Yes. The Akuna Brass Catcher catches brass as shot from automatic pistols with weaver/picatinny type tactical light mounts. Adapters are available for other pistols. Visit the inventor's site http://www.sherwoodakuna.com