what ghost radar dots mean?

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Answered: Under the radar - I tried explaining the meaning to someone but couldn't

It means early stage project development. In other words, just as radar can locate and track a remote aircraft and lock on to it so can a project in the earliest stages of development be tracked according to its progress.

Answered: What does a black dot tatoo on the wrist mean?

In my case, it means that some jackass in jr. high threw an india ink pen across the room and stabbed me with it (G). 40 years later, I still have my black dot.

Answered: What does seeing a ghost mean

It means that you have just seen an earth bown spirit that may have something it thinks need to be taken care of and wont pass over till it thinks it is taken care of. It could be a family member ,friend or someone that has taken a liken to you or your suroundings.

Answered: What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Answered: What does a u with two dots over it mean?

An umlaut indicates a different pronunciation.

Answered: I recently purchased a

I think you should have received an email from E-Bay with your purchase information. It might be in your spam folder. Also you can go to ebay.com, click on My Ebay, Purchase History.
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yes, ghost are true and really exist on the universe. They can't see but they can be feel, and many proofs out of videos, audios and pictures that will convince you that they are real.