what genetic diseases commonly occurring in "Italian-Americans."?

what genetic diseases commonly occurring in "Italian-Americans."?

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Answered: Can anyone please tell me which are the different types of genetic

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Answered: Got a question about diseases that occur because ...

Dear Ron, I am including an excerpt from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia on the Immune System. Hope it helps you. Cells, cell products, organs, and structures of the body involved in the detection and destruction of foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. Immunity is based ...

Answered: Can migraine headaches be genetic?

Certainly migraines can be genetic but if you treat them correctly you will be relieved out of it. Check out the following site: http://www.divinewellness.com/Disease/headaches/

Answered: Are you in favor of over the counter genetic tests?

I love it!!!! This would solve the age-old question of..... "WHO"S YOUR DADDY?" I have seen Blood Alcohol testers in the Dollar Stores... Now you can find out if you have to leave the car in the parking lot and walk home.

Answered: Where to buy American sitcoms dubbed in Italian

Well I think the best place for you to look for is the Italian Ebay: http://www.ebay.it/ as an Italian speaker you might find it easier to look for them there. The second thing I am thinking about is downloading the shows after they were recorded in Italy. This means you will have to use a file ...

Answered: Genetic tests are now available for every known genetic disease.

Not true. http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/medicine/genetest.shtml
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