What funeral home is chuck brown in?

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Answered: Phone number Sam Houston Memorial Funeral Home of Montgomery

Sam Houston Funeral Home, 20850 Eva Street, Montgomery, TX 77356 Phone 936-597-7300

Answered: Name of funeral home at 2700 Edmondson ave, Baltimore, Md


Answered: What is website for Cobb funeral chapel in Moultrie Ga

I could not find a web site for Cobb Funeral Chapel, only the basic information. Cobb Funeral Chapel 2441 Ga Highway 37 W, Moultrie, GA 31768-8529(229) 985-3704 ‎ Directions Search nearby Save to... more? Category: Crematories

Answered: Funeral privacy act. can a funeral home tell your employer if you

First the funeral home usually only responds to a request by the attendee who requests a written acknowledgement to provide to the employer for verification that they have in fact attended the services. A funeral by its nature is a public event unless restricted to private only by the family ...

Answered: What are the five publicly traded funeral homes

I hope these 2 links help you... http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/perfi/columnist/krantz/story/2012-01-22/death-care-industry-stocks-performance/52701248/1 and ... http://247wallst.com/2011/01/13/the-ten-companies-that-control-the-death-industry/

Answered: My nieces aunt passed away am i obligated to attend funeral?

NO you are not obligated to attend the funeral, infact nobody is ever obligated to attend a funeral. But think for a while if your some loved one passed away and you are sitting alone on the funeral, nobody came. How will you feel? Friends and family get together on a funeral to comfort the family ...
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"living with the dead" Does anyone live in a house that use to be a

Hello and no way would i buy this place, as it will haunt you and give you creeps all the time!! If you felt a presence when you toured the place get out!!!!!! As the saying goes "the dead can't hurt you only the living" lol!! In other ways it sounds like a great home and lots space and rms. Spend a ...

funeral home in vivian, Louisiana in 1900 / was there one across from

http://www.vivian.la.us/?q=node/232 That link is supposed to be to the town of Vivian's official history. They have posted a notice "information coming soon". I wouldn't wait. I think you should write them and ask. The North Caddo Branch library may have the information you want. Their address ...

Property insurance for funeral home

Brenda - Where are you located? If I have that information I can refer you to someone for assistance.

What jewish funeral home will accept my life insurance as payment

What Jewish funeral home will accept your life insurance as payment? ANY of them. Merely direct an apportionment from your insurance proceeds to go to your funeral and last expenses, but that's in every legal will anyway. I have to wonder why you single out Jewish funeral homes. Only a Muslim ...