What functions does REM sleep serve in young infants?

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Answered: It is so nice seeing co-sleeping not being slated ...

It is safer than letting your baby sleep in the same bed with you. But it is highly suggested that you just put them in their own crib in the same room with you. This lessens SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

Answered: My baby's not sleeping well at the moment, i hear that white noise can

There are some great books written by doctors and on shelves in bookstores (or online) about CHILDREN SLEEPING ISSUES. If there is noise in the house and they seem to stir at hearing the slightest noise, I think "white noise" can be helpful and I doubt it could do any harm in any event ...

Answered: Has any progress been made with understanding Sudden Infant Death

According to recent studies, it has got something to do with abnormal brain activity that results to hormonal imbalance. Infants who suddenly died for no reason at all have been found out to have low serotonin levels. According to some experts, GERD also contributes to this. To lessen the risk for ...

Answered: My husband has problems with his shoulder when sleeping, what could I get

Adjust your lower body to accommodate the single pillow layer. You may need it flatter or you may just need to move a little to make your ribcage comfortable. http://www.getsnoringsolutions.com/

Answered: Tips for settling an unsettled infant to sleep

Why not try a sound sleep machine ? There are a number which are directed particularly to infants. But I would highly recommend going for the ecotones duet sleep sound machine .
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Caring for an infant is not that easy. Plus, it would be a burden for a mother to constantly wake up and check on her child at night. Infant sleep sacks can help reduce the stress of both mother and child. It helps in promoting good health for the child as well as keeping him/her warm and safe.

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