what fragrance attracts a succubus?

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Answered: Fragrance preference and personality

Depending on my mood, I like a bunch of different scents. My husband can smell what I've put on and know how I'm feeling. It's a great feeling to know your loved ones can understand you without saying a word.

Answered: Fragrance

It's a pretty prevalent name, which covers shopping centers, a fancy bar and some other places of business as well. I actually think it's also the name of a cocktail... The only information about a scent that I found online has to do with jasmin and oranges of Seville. I hope this will let you ...

Answered: What's a nice fragrance i could buy my best friend?

Hi, could you please share if your friend is female or male and approx. age. It would be easier then to give some recommendations... Best regards

Answered: Fragrance OIl

hempseed oil fragrances at www.indikah.com

Answered: I am trying to locate a perfume fragrance with the ...

Try light4people.com and go to perfume

Answered: Black currant vanilla air fragrance

Aromatherapy Black Currant Vanilla line Black currant is one of my favorite , The scent is lovely,those ingredients work amazingly well together: the end-result is sweet, but not saccharine, warm, but not overpowering or heavy. Overall, it is a wonderfully rich, comforting and even slightly sexy ...
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