what form do you use if your taxable interest is over 1500 dollars?

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Answered: Is tuition reimbursement taxable?

According to the IRS: "If you receive educational assistance benefits from your employer under an educational assistance program, you can exclude up to $5,250 of those benefits each year. This means your employer should not include the benefits with your wages, tips, and other compensation shown ...

Answered: Buying dollar bills

Yes, buy Dollar Bills. I sell them for a Dollar each. Everyone loves American DOLLAR BILLS! I am a collector.

Answered: Dave Undis. Hello. I was wondering if you still by dollar bills that have

I think Dave went to live in the "Funny Farm" after he started with the radar dollar bills.

Answered: Some say that dollar is about to collapse because of the enormous debt US

This may help you decide. A nation's paper currency is actually a promissory note. The nation guarantees it will redeem that note for something of value, perhaps gold or silver if the currency has a "hard" base. If the currency is based on goods and services provided, the issuing nation ...

Answered: Www. t e l l fd.com Where do you find family dollar survey?


Answered: Is inheretence from deceased persons annuity taxable as ordinary

The general answer would be NO. However, it all depends. If the origional person would have to pay tax, then you would have to pay tax. Usually an annuity is like putting money into a bank, you don't pay tax on it when you take it out (only on the interest). If it is a tax deferred annuity, then YES ...
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Taxable benefits

I am not a tax expert but I do not think you are taxed on it. In any job you have a certain about of benefit that is tax free, that covers Xmas parties, staff lunches. This amount is quiet high so as a teacher there is no way you will reach that. A class trip is not a benefit to you, you are ...

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