What forces and trends are driving efforts toward healthcare reform in the United States?

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Answered: Malpractice Torte Reform as a Healthcare Reform Cost Cutter

I have another take on your question. First I want to say, giving every person in the USA Health Insurance does not mean they get quality healthcare. Period. I had 2 PPO health insurances, and the physicians used it to test me redundantly with toxic tests, radiation,etc... and then did not a thing ...

Answered: Why doesn't the US Air Force have bidets in their restrooms?

For the same reason the Staff NCO quarters at MCB Quantico doesn't have tampon dispensers. It just isn't necessary. If you get a bad case of jungle rot, scour with povodine-iodine as I did. I will admit that there were some foxy WM's I would not have objected to washing my back but my wife would ...

Answered: I'd like more information on the subject of "The United States in Asia

hi, this is from little catherine, i have some beach front propety, ill sell you in glendale az and i had to read your question twice ha ha

Answered: Do you think Republicans will actually uphold ...

Here is an example of how corruption has so severely ruined the Democrat party that it cannot possibly serve the people anymore. Republicans still stand loyal to the people. That only drives leftists to a frenzy of panic: what if the power-mad fascists on the left cannot manipulate others by the ...

Answered: 238 and counting.

I don't think there is any question still around. Nothing any leftist ever said checked out yet so when ever these sloppy little cry babies whine and wail, just pee on 'em to show 'em what they are worth.

Answered: Should the United States tell the United Nations ...

We most certainly should get the U N out of here S A P. 1) It's another corrupt organization, and a financial drain. 2) It's a hotbed of espionage agents masquerading as diplomats.
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