what food is on the snack car on the Amtrak Rte to Nyp train?

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Answered: What's your favorite food?

I love beef, fish and rice!

Answered: Snack healthy, or not at all?

choose your snacks. be healthy

Answered: How can i stop snacking between meals? i eat quite well but i always feel

One suggestion would be to slowly drink water quite frequently during the day, especially after meals & snacking. Of course, you will need to be near a bathroom! Good luck! Rosie

Answered: Does the shape of a snack food make it more attractive to children?

Absolutely, - kids love things in happy familiar shapes, animals for instance. Many food companies have used this attraction .

Answered: Amtrak reports a rise in ridership

Hi, I think people are getting used to the notion that driving isn't all that great and that taking the train can be more convenient. I think the future will bring even more rail use thanks to better facilities, faster trains and more efficient routes. When time is so valuable, people rather spend ...
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I like potato chips or a nice piece of chocolate .


Some foods are fine in a plastic bag, such as whole almonds, apples and cucumbers. They are not very absorbent.

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