What flavor is the yellow gatorade?

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Answered: Is it good to drink Gatorade during prolonged exercise? Why or why

Drinking gatorade when you’ve been exercising for an hour or less isn’t really necessary. Water’s fine. The loss of electrolytes isn’t significant until you’ve been exercising for several hours and that is what sports drinks are good for (replacing electrolytes). You get enough salt and sugar from ...

Answered: Recipes using gatorade

This site has drinks using Gatorade. http://www.idrink.com/bying/Gatorade.htm

Answered: Does gatorade have any gluten or casein?

On Gatorade's FAQ web page (see attached) they do not mentioned either gluten or casein. I too have special dietary requirements, and if something is not mentioned (gluten-free), I don't use it. Gatorade

Answered: Flavors

I should eat different kinds of flavors in mint. There are more then 20 mint plants growing around the world the number of flavors and hybrids you can produce with it are endless.

Answered: What is substituet for yellow gold ? what mix for duplicate yallow

A wonderful substitute for yellow gold is white gold. If you're interested in knowing how it is made, you can do some research to find out the process. I found a good explanation here of how white gold is crafted .
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yes i do think it is a healthy drink to drink. it helps you stay from getting deydrated and keep you going on through your workout.

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