What first triggers the calculation of the additional Child Tax Credit?

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Answered: Is there an energy tax credit for 2012

For solar or wind. The credit for energy improvements to your home (windows, doors, etc.) has expired.

Answered: Unearned income tax credit

Not sure what you're asking. Do you mean earned income credit? Child has to be younger than you. Under 19, unless a full-time student, then it's under 24. If the child is disabled, there is no age limit. If you're asking if a child can receive an earned income credit, they cannot. Minimum age ...

Answered: How do I calculate credit card minimum payments, they all seem to be

There is a credit card calculator that you can enter in your data to figure out how long it will take to pay, or what your minimum payments will be

Answered: How To Report A Tax Cheat?

http://aolanswers.com/questions/cheat-poker-win-entertainment-music_350801351389884#answer186132211731125 hope i can help you

Answered: Is this tax credit for existing home owners? Or only for people who are

Is this credit available to current homeowners or only for new homeowners?

Answered: Credit report & credit score

Your credit score determines how much you pay for life's needs. Find out about FICO and the Beacon system and get tips on raising your credit score . http://www.healthycreditscore.com/
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Can I claim one of my two children whom live with their mother on my

In order to answer you question, I went straight to the horse's mouth (IRS) and copied the question below from their site. I have included a link in order for you to view other FAQs you may have. www.irs.gov/faqs/faq2-3.html My husband and I were separated the last 11 months of the year ...

Should the ethanol tax credit be eliminated?

It should be but too many special interests...Greasing the politicians pocket.

Credit card promotion in Singapore?

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Divorced child care credit

I suggest that you read your divorce papers and see who gets the the tax credits you or your ex spouce. Then consult a tax attorney to see if you can or cannot but it all depends on how the divorce decree is written and how they want to interpert it. As possable you may claim both as you children ...