What film did Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight win an Oscar?

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Answered: Is Angelina Jolie influenced by her father ?

I don't think her father has much influence on her life, at least not now. She cut him out of her life for implying she was unbalanced and suffering from "severe emotional problems" during a tearful TV interview in 2002. The pair haven't spoken since. And he hasn't even met her children.

Answered: Angelina Jolie's Fashion Choice: Hot or Bookish?

Looks good one day and like crap the next

Answered: Who will win, Brad or Ange?

I think Brad,although this is not his year.

Answered: What are the tattoos on Angelina Jolie's arm?

After Angelina Jolie showed off her new arm tattoo, many (including us!) wondered if the actress and Brad Pitt were adopting again. Angelina’s new tattoo has been deciphered -- get all the details here! Angelina Jolie caused a buzz when she showed off a new arm tattoo that had coordinates ...

Answered: Angelina Jolie's Political Opinions

I think if the check attached to the letter is large enough, the government will listen.

Answered: Angelina Jolie--good role model or not?

Angelina Jolie is a GREAT role model. Frankly its shallow to even suggest that having personal affairs and romantic relationships overshadow helping out humanity as a whole. On top of that Ashley, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! If a person has the will and means to raise children (adopted or ...
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Was Angelina Jolie ever on Oprah?

I'd like to see Angelina interview on Opra show.looking forward for that interview.

Oscars: what will win best movie, best actor/actress support actor

I am sure Heath Ledger will win Best Actor, i do not think anyone else has a chance.

Angelina and Brad future plans on adopting

They are about to have a biological child soon, so I really don't think they have plans to adopt another child. But you can never know, with these two.