What faith /religion is rami malek?

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Answered: What are your thoughts of the impact ego, sub conscious, false self and

The REAL JESUS CHRIST, the REAL HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD put the satanic jameslee102447 to shame, NOW the satanic jameslee102447 is posting with the name Mark Moore, AKA The Mark Of The Beast!!!!

Answered: Testing the Christian Faith

Tadpole-Wold, your idea is atheist in origin therefore absolutely incorrect. Christians have insight that tips us off to your games instantly. That gives us unity and ample clear proof that we did the right thing by becoming Christians. You wanted to know. Now you know.

Answered: Faith and Works

Love is the only way faith can work. Doing so many good deeds that God will be obligated to save us is not how faith works. We can produce neither the quality nor quantity of work needed for salvation. That required the death of someone who lived a perfect life and never sinned. http://www ...

Answered: Get your problems solved

People are searching the world looking for satan in the form of Love Spell Casters or love psychics to help there situations

Answered: What does spear of influence

Could you mean sphere of influence?
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of course religion is man made and there is no temple that man can build for God that He needs. However He can easily rebuild the true temple that man is quick and shamefully eager to try to destroy.

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It could only be atheists, because rational persons never do what atheists do.

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Don't forget atheism: it's just as bad.