what fairy tale character always told the truth?

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Answered: Which Fairy Tale is the Scariest?

koran hadith bible gita buddhist scriptures bahai tales of edgar allan poe

Answered: Once upon a time, boys and girls ...............

Once again we see that Tadpole interjects leftist paranoia, to add to the discredit that leftists already suffer. Did anyone need more proof to that effect?

Answered: How would you explain the differences between a "fairy-tale forest" and a

In the fairy tale forest you see lions, and tiges, and bears, and the occasional oh my. In the actual forest you see Elks, Moose, Lions, Masons, Odd fellows . . ..

Answered: Can wolves swallow their prey whole? I'm investigating the science

Hi Leonie, ---------- They can eat the prey whole only if it is very very small (not more than a size of a ping-pong ball). In the vast majority of the cases the wolves will eat the prey chunk by chunk, after intensive cheaing, very similar to the way a German Shepherd (dogs) eats. In fact wolves ...

Answered: Who believes in fairy tales?

Fairy tales are good to read but you can't compare it with our real life because in real life there are no happy ending.

Answered: Bible as fairy tale

Depends on where they are teaching. If they are teaching in a Christian school, and the understanding of the parents and administration is that the teachers take a tradidional historico/grammatical approach to the bible, the teacher is probably breaking their contract by teaching this. Otherwise ...
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Are Pirates fairy tale characters?

Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are not fairy tales. They are just novels and plays. BUT, if you are looking for props in fairy tales that are for boys, consider the classic fairy tales: The 3 Bears(Papa or Baby Bear), The Little Pigs(the Pigs or the Big Bad Wolf), Little Red Rinding Hood(the ...

What is the unvarnished truth about Obama? Is he ...

Every move Obama made during his first year in office was pro-Islam and anti-Israel and Christian. Went to Middle East and gave speeches that were not pro-American. Stopped the trials at Gitmo even though the perpetrators admitted they were guilty. Changed the Rules of Engagement downrange ...

Did You Get Up Early To Watch The Royal Wedding?

No, but seeing the repeats scenes on television, I really wish I would have. The wedding was truly beautiful, the couple are very nice, they are nice, not because they are royal, but because they are good people (who happen to be royal)--except Kate wasn't before the wedding. A lot of Americans ...

Fox News checks out every time.

Fox News has always checked out. That's why 99% of America trust nothing else.