what factors could affect the estimation time of death of man laying face down on bathroom floor?

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Answered: What does it mean when the floor around tour toilet caves in

If you are in an older home and built on a crawl space the floor joists may be rotting from moisture, so you have lost stability. The other answer from PGroot is also a possibility.

Answered: What is the best way to protect a floor in a bathroom from shower

Use a shower curtain inside the tub. That should keep the shower water inside.

Answered: How does moisture affect my hardwood flooring?

The seams where the planks meet will cup. If you have a concrete slab and moisture wicking through the concrete, potential slab leak or hydrostatic pressure. If your home is on a foundation with a crawl space the bottom side in the crawl space area can be sealed. If you are talking about simple ...

Answered: Bathroom vs. Kitchen 6x6 ceramic floor tiles

The size is really irrelevant. Yes, you can get 6x6 tiles for a kitchen floor, but they are made of a different clay. Your bathroom tiles are very likely ceramic, whereas you need denser porcelain tile for a floor that will take harsher treatment. The tiles made for kitchen floors are usually ...

Answered: Laying hardwood flooring in different rooms and halls

Select hardwood according to the need of the area where it is going to be installed. Every room and location has need for different textured wood and flooring. Follow the basics and then get your floor done. You can also go for dedicated fitters like superior-hardwoods.com for proper and long ...

Answered: Underlayment for pre-engineered floors

The one the manufacturer reccomends.
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Why does my floor fan that has a remote switch speed by itself

Because those fans are possessed, they have what is called a speed demon. The demon controls the speed, not the remote switch. Take it back and get a fan that is not possessed by a "speed demon?

I layed a tile floor and when using thin set motar I forgot to add the

YES -definitely a problem ! - Remove tiles and re-do it (seriously) -If not, your tiles will gradually and quickly come loose.


"It is appointed for us to die, and very shortly afterwards, God's judgment." Live accordingly.

I want to place tile or granite in my bathroom. I ...

granite is the most expensive and you have to have some experience to set it. tiles are easier to set. The cost of labor depends on where you live.