what ever happened to stripper shannon reinert?

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Answered: Looking for a male stripper for tonight (7/2) for a b'day party for a 26

You can look into these male strippers . They have male dancers in every state. I am one of the dancers for their company in the NY and NJ area.

Answered: Career Choice: Stripper or Doctor?

I think doctor is good for you ,beacause doctor is a good career.you can earn a lot of money.

Answered: Stripper Poles

search google.com with the keyword stripper pole there are many places you can buy a stripper pole up

Answered: I would like to hire a male stripper for a woman ...


Answered: Where will Randy Shannon go after the Miami Hurricanes?

I say Maryland Sad to say but this job has always been a springboard to bigger and better things. What UM needs is a coach on the rise like Petersen at Boise St, someone of the that ilk. Butch lacks character we've been down that road before.

Answered: How do strippers get that great smell id like to find out so i can use

What great smell, sweat? Stripping is physical work, I'd imagine most of what you smell is natural body coupled with perhaps some cologne or perfume. If you've been close enough to a stripper to smell one, why not just ask him or her what scent s/he is using and go from there?
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