what ever happened to Carmen Ellis and Haunted House of freebies?

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Answered: How do I contact destination america about my haunted house

I think that The Reverend Cooper, altho he has been glaringly absent for the last few days, might be the one to call. I am sure that he will be much more in tune with exorcisms than would be destination america.

Answered: Haunted House in Lakeview

I remember this house. I grew up in Lakeview and we used to ride our bikes past this house and check it out, because it was so spooky. It was a dark red house made of stone, maybe brick. It was covered with vines and the gardens and yard were overgrown. I remember being chased off by an white ...

Answered: If a house is haunted, what is the reason for taking every door knob when

There is an old tell that if you remove the door knob as you move out the ghost cant follow you out of the home to your new place. It is said too to burie them at the property line as you leave.

Answered: Where can i find real scary haunted houses in pa

Go to this site---http://www.hauntedhouse.com/search/Haunted_Attraction_Directory/_USA_,040All_50_States,041/Pennsylvania/

Answered: I want to find my friend carmen. she lives in australia and she has an

Carmen in Australia? Oh yeah...this should be simple. Have you tried the social networks...googling her name, looking for friends of hers? That is where you can start.
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History of hauntings at 2118 Sturdevant, Davenport, IA

You need to find a paranormal group in that area and ask them. Also chec your local library in the information section

Haunted house in tn

Brenda, First, honey never show your address on the internet. If there is a way to withdraw your question and rewrite it I recommend that you do. For your own safety. Your home is haunted I'm sure. The crosses everywhere is a good clue that the previous tenants had problems too. There are several ...

Major garrett, white house corresondent what happened to major garrett

Major Garrett left Fox News and is returning to print journalism . He is joining the National Journal as a congressional correspondent.

Where was the scariest haunted house you ever visited?

I was in a vacation in Toronto once and I visited http://screemers.ca/ which was ridiculously scary.