what ever happened to angela simmons the wife of the late nathan simmons?

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Answered: My wife has her period, but she sats that she feels like she is ovulating

ovulation happens between periods, So if you bleed on day one, you should ovulate on day 14, JayR

Answered: My boyfriend's ex-wife left him and after months of separation we started

Hi, ----------- You are welcome. She realized that she made a terrible mistake, and will do all she can, dirty amd mean if needed, to get him back.... the'll do EVERYTHING including: lies, isults, bad-language, cursing, ugly stories...... She won't let you live in peace.... Don't go down to her ...

Answered: 42 yrs old, crampy but period 10 days late. Is this menopause??

I have to agree. See your doc. As they say in bridge, a peek is worth two finesses.

Answered: How do you find out who your soon to be ex wife ...

Do you think someone out there keeps a list of who everyone is cheating with? Hire a private investigator.

Answered: Does Gene Simmons have a tattoo?

No, he does not.
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I have a book named (EVERYONE IN THE BIBLE) and David's son Nathan is definitely NOT Nathan The Prophet

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2 FX. U get Ur VA & SSI-SSA. She gets her SSA-SSI-other ret'ment. Talk 2 congressman.

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Simmons should have them. You can try visiting their official website. They have a number there for their customer service. If you still have your warranty, you can ask for their services in fixing your mattress up.

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