what equipment does a private investigator need?

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Answered: How to become a private investigator

Yes, I am agree with Mike. Its vary by state. Collect information about criteria in your state, get eligible for exam, pass exam. And here it is you can become PI. Private Investigator http://www.osi.com.ph/

Answered: What does a private investigator do?

They investigate your privates. You can find one or more of them in just about any bar that's a low-class dive, where the low-lifes hang out.

Answered: Is age 15 too young to hire a private investigator?

In general, yes. I am a private investigator and will only work with someone of legal age, 18. I'm sure a lawyer could give a more detailed explanation but without an adult's consent, power of attorney, guardian, etc, I would not take the case. Respectfully, Michael Spencer, owner Spencer ...

Answered: Do you need to carry a firearm as a private investigatior and are you

if you wish to be a private investigator you donot need to carry a firearm it is not needed. i carry one for my private inv. business. buti if you want to become one go to nj state police.org they have all the forms

Answered: I want to work with Cheaters (of any side) What kind of License do I need

Contact the show directly to find out. Good luck!
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What is required to get a private investigators license in Milwaukee?

Its vary by state. Collect information about criteria in your state, for example In California it takes 6,000 hours, or about 3 years fulltime work, under a licensed investigator to be eligible to take the state-issued exam. Private Investigator http://www.osi.com.ph/

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