what equipment does a private investigator need?

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Answered: What does a private investigator do?

Private investigators, investigates various types of cases. They can be used to identify person's profile e.g. if some company wants to hire candidate for this purpose they can ask private investigator to identify that candidate's profile. phone tapping, shadowing through CCTV cameras, and ...

Answered: How to become a private investigator

Yes, I am agree with Mike. Its vary by state. Collect information about criteria in your state, get eligible for exam, pass exam. And here it is you can become PI. Private Investigator http://www.osi.com.ph/

Answered: Investigation

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Answered: Garage Equipment Ireland

Best I can tell you is get in touch with what ever oil companies serve your area. They want you to have more trades than pumping gas in your business. if you sell gas, diesel, and propane, that's a good start. If you do automotive work, that is better. If you do heavy equipment including major ...
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What is required to get a private investigators license in Milwaukee?

Its vary by state. Collect information about criteria in your state, for example In California it takes 6,000 hours, or about 3 years fulltime work, under a licensed investigator to be eligible to take the state-issued exam. Private Investigator http://www.osi.com.ph/

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