What environmental factor that poses a threat to the health of infants?

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Answered: Obamacare is no longer a threat.

Low IQ government dependent far right extremist racist hate mongers shouldn't be allowed to vote. I think before you should be allowed to vote your IQ should be over 70 and you should have had a job at one time in your life .

Answered: Being an environmental consultant?

These three web sites should be of help to you. http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs/keyword/environmental+consultant http://ww2.prospects.ac.uk/p/types_of_job/environmental_consultant_job_description.jsp http://commonground.edrnet.com/pages/home

Answered: Is Swimming Good For Health?

Yes swimming is good for health.Buy many don't like the swimming as a exercise.But by doing swimming regular is best exercise to keep body in lean and fit,this exercise covers the overall body its gentle on joints,reducing the injury risk.Its keep the body fresh and fit for long time.

Answered: Health

@Karen Hernandez, you are describing socialism, where the government decides what is best for you. You might be told that you cannot have a large soda because it is not good for you. You might be told that you cannot have ice cream. You might be told that you cannot have meat.

Answered: Forward bending yoga poses?

It's one of those things that is true is theory, but has no basis for preventing a person from engaging in yoga. Compression of the blood vessels of the legs will increase arterial resistance, hence BP. But as soon as the the compression is released, BP will return to baseline. Yoga is the ...

Answered: Health

There are many nuts that is good for heath.All the nuts are of equal calories.All the almonds are good for health and beauty. Almond is the low calorie nuts which is good for health and its best for mind also.Almond is the nut best for memory.
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No. And cats don't steal their breath, either. Here is a link to information from the Mayo Clinic: www.mayoclinic.com/health/pink-eye/DS00258

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Your teeth can be stained on the surface through smoking and food and drinks such as tea, coffee, dark soft drink and red wine. For more information visit here: http://www.drjoydentalclinic.com/teeth-whitening

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