What effect does alcohol have on Lumiday?

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Answered: Can you reverse the effects of alcohol?

The solution is simple: DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. If you do not drink alcohol, there will be no adverse affects to reverse.

Answered: Alcoholic Analgesic

Alcohol has been used for its analgesic properties for thousands of years. It was only about one hundred years ago that aspirin became available without a prescription. However, I know of no current attempts to harness the value of alcohol for analgesic purposes in the way you suggest.

Answered: Brain Cell Attack

Brandy, not being a drinker, I really can't speak from experience. However, some of the densest people on the planet drink too much: "Before I came to work here, I drank too much, smoked, cussed, and had ulcers, all without a reason. Now that I work for you people, I have a reason." (Auntie Mame ...

Answered: I am curious about the effect of alcohol on the ...

Alcoholism adversely affects colon and can even cause colon cancer in chronic cases. Even in not so chronic cases, it causes stomach upset and induces vomiting. To read more about alcohol effects you can visit Alcoholabuse.com

Answered: How does alcohol effect a diabetic?

If you're diabetic and is taking insulin or other meds, binge drinking is not a healthy way to keep your well-being. Alcohol in your bloodstream means steeping up the duties of your liver, which often result to low blood sugar levels. Being sober, is in fact recommended by the American Diabetes ...

Answered: Deaths from alcohol

Your question is quite enormous to the fact that you are talking about a year result of people who died from alcohol or related incidents. Not to be exact, it would be a hundred thousand who died with alcoholism or related incidents. This is what I have come up in calculating random reports from ...
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What are the odds of an alcoholic returning to being a reasonable social

LSD cures alcoholism. I mean really cures as opposed to the current treatment which just trys to get the patient to not drink at all. With LSD treatment the patients are able to drink afterwards because they are able to fully reassess why they drink compulsively. However the penalty for being caught ...

Is there an alcohol called

I would like to recommend you to Aftercare Sober Solutions for getting recovery from alcohol. The care programme we will provide will seek to educate the client in the dangers of alcohol misuse.

Home Remedy for Hangover?

B vitamins, dandelion root tea and burdock tea can all help. You can find more information here: http://www.my-home-remedies.com/home-remedies-for-hangovers.html