What effect did Earthquake have in Mexico on March 22, 2012 earthquake predicted?

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Answered: Earthquake Prediction

As new technologies become available, scientists are learning more than ever before about the structure and properties of the Earth's crust and upper mantle -- bringing them to the brink of discoveries about ...

Answered: Are any of you, living in California, worried enough by a 99% chance of

do you worry about hiv and other people with living with aids and how equal are they treated

Answered: Earthquakes

Yoga, so you can comfortably KYAGB. If you are near the epicenter of an 8 or greater, all the kits in the world be be useless to you. If you are planning to survive, Elden has given you a good answer.

Answered: Earthquake disaster

A strong earthquake may happen about every 20 years in a particular area, but it could be 10 years or 40 years. It's like trying to forecast a heart attack. We just don't know when it's going to happen, even if we know there is a risk. Hurricanes are more predictable; we have a good idea of how ...

Answered: Is putting a date on the end of the world a way to signify our

With all due respect. But the Biblical unlearned. make those predictions. confusing the unlearned, which leads them to mock G-D., and The Bible. What all true believers know, is what is next is not the end of the world, but what is taught by the Bible as the taking away of all TRUE BELIEVERS. Or ...
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What effects of earthquakes does on the human body

Medically speaking , it can't be good for someone with A fib .Psychologically Pretty frightening

Predicting earthquakes

Do you live under a rock ? Wake up dude, we can predict earthquaks, we've been doing it for decades. Ofcourse there has to be evidence present for us to predict it as knowledge would dictate. So can and will the the techknowledy get better? Probably! There are people who dedicate there whole live to ...


magnitude 3: can hardly be felt, no damage. Could be once a week. mgnitude 4: can be heard and felt, hardly any damage, a few times a year. magnitude 5: moderate, heard and felt, some damage, once in a few years. Four in California in 2012. magnitude 6: strong, considerable damage, once in ten ...