what early 90's kids game show had the slime and cohost zuza?

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Answered: 1st movie.. late 80s early 90s movie about a ...

It might be below movies according to your opnion Gran Torino The Reader Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Answered: What is early puberty with normal blood tests ...

Wackipedia looks to have a good entry on this- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precocious_puberty

Answered: What is the best game for kids at a birthday party?

You can go for some toy stuff which can be used to entertainment for them very beautifully.

Answered: 90's movie with hunchback, set in the 90's

I think you are talking about, "Big Man on Campus." A very funny movie about a hunchback that falls for a college guys girl and he tries to break them up by doing crazy things to the boyfriend,lol!

Answered: What are the best travel games for kids when we're on long drives? :)

It all depends on the age of the kid or kids if they get impatient easily they could color or they could play with a ds or gameboy, or play I spy, or punch buggy or they could watch movies or listen to their mp3 players or other type of music players that they may own, I know that movies and ...
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AOL has games at menu Services, Games. It will send you to www.games.com

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The best place to find educational games for your child(ren) is under your nose and right at the end of your arm. It's called "being a parent." Read. Do puzzles. Bake or cook together. Play board games. Do crafts. Children learn by doing. Computer and online games may be fun, but they do nothing ...

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