what drug can i get to knock out my girl friend without her knowing?

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Answered: What to know about viagra 100? 0

Viagra is the (sildenafil) This is a medication mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction. These tablets are available in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg. Viagra 25mg, 50m, 100mg is available online at the International Drug Cart 1

Answered: How many years can an employer go back on a drug test

It depends on the test. It's up to 3 months for a hair and urine test, up to two weeks for blood test, and up to a few days for saliva test

Answered: How do i get rid of my jealousy? i had a friend at ...

What is she when your not at work? Only kidding..My cousin that has the fattest ,ugliest retart known to humanity and he's pretty familiar with her.He has allways taken very good care of her and all she wants is his money so she can be a big shot to minorities.You never know what retarts can do to ...

Answered: Why would a drug test show positive for morphine when there are no drugs

Request a re-check. False positives do occur occasionally.

Answered: Shane Sparks (Choreograher)is he still with his girl friend?

As far as I know, the couple are still together.

Answered: How old do you gotta be to make your own choices in louisiana

How old doyou wanna be or are you making thenm already.Of course your making your own choices we all make our own choices throughout our lives
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You'll just know. If you know your bestfriend really well and you know that he/ she doesn't do thing like that before then you know there's a problem.

What causes librium to show up in drug test if librium has never been

The most likely cause would be the ingestion of another benzodiazepine.

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I would let him know how you feel about it and let him know that you don't want anything to do with it and you would wish he would stop. You can find things to do and have fun without the need of that in your life. Walk away if he smokes while you're around. If he doesn't stop, then you need to ...