what drivers have lead both Indy 500 Daytona 500?

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Answered: How many times has the leader of the Indy 500 crashed on the last lap?

From what I found this is the second time.. Sweet G 5/30 .......................... Wheldon wins stunning Indy 500 when leader crashes - The Denver Post Click photo to enlarge IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, of England, douses himself with milk after... ((AP Photo/Jeff ...

Answered: How many times has Jim Nabors sung at the Indy 500?

P., It was {20} times, I had no idea,.. Sweet G 5/30 .................................................... Jim Nabors unable to attend Indy 500 - 13 WTHR Jim Nabors unable to attend Indy 500 Jim Nabors Speedway owner Tony Hulman asked Nabors to step in back in 1972 ...

Answered: How much of their winnings do Indianapolis 500 drivers get to keep?

The driver is contracted by the team owner (s) and the contract stipulates the amount he/she gets paid out of the winner's purse in addition to bonuses and incentives. Some drivers are contracted for a season, others for one race only. Sponsor money and race winnings generally pay the enormous ...

Answered: Any changes to the Indy 500 track?

None that I know of or was able to find.

Answered: Your reaction to the finish of the Indy 500?

I chose either dan weldon, or will power 2 win 500, so u no my answer is definitely dan weldon!!!...
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Indy 500

The organizers have always tried to hype the 500 as the world's greatest motorsport event, but very little data existed until recently ( take a look here , it's quite interesting). Even though it's less then the 400-500,000 estimated before, I don't think there's anything that comes close these ...

Indy 500 prize money

OK, makes sense. Thanks.

"The Car of Tomorrow" at the Daytona 500

Since Ryan Newman won, thus giving his team the first Daytona 500 victory, I guess there was excitement enough.

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