what does XL stand for in Keystone pipeline name?

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Answered: Keystone pipeline Telecom Jobs

Call the EDD and ask.

Answered: What is the keystone XL pipeline?

Keystone XL was a proposed pipeline for oil from Alberta, Canada that would run to refineries in Illinois and the Gulf Coast refineries. The Obama administration blocked it on environmental grounds.

Answered: Which U.S. Senators want Keystone XL pipeline approved?

The bright ones? The one that want the US not to be dependent upon our enemies for energy? The ones whose state will benefit economically from the completion of this?

Answered: Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline ...

Because Obama it determined to ruin America

Answered: Stands and wall Brackets online shopping

You can purchase it from some Online Stores: https://electricalgoods.ie/ http://electrocity.ie/ http://redmondelectric.ie/

Answered: What does IMF stand for?

According to me, IMF stands for International Monetary Fund .
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Why Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline ?

My immediate reaction is to say the he desires the US to be in a very energy dependent position, and all that that entails.

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