What does wellness nig. Ltd do ?

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Answered: How do you know if your well is going dry or if you have a break in your

Hi Dean, It would help if I knew your setup, ie, is this a deep well (more than30 feet) with a submersible pump in the well on a tube, or B, a shallow well with a jetpump (that's like a motor with pump attached at the surface). Do you have pale blue (bladder) tank, or an older galvanised tank. -Does ...

Answered: How do I go about applying online for a job and also to see a list of the

Hi Shanda, Here is the Wells Fargo job application link . https://employment.wellsfargo.com/psp/PSEA/APPLICANT_NW/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL Just select your area and follow the directions it will give you the positions open in your area . Here is also the link to monster.com . Again select ...

Answered: Standing Column Well

Let me see if I got this right. You say you have 3 -- 50hp sump pumps and you are hauling 0nly 250,000 gallons a day. Next you say your basement fills with water 4'-6' deep. That means your basement is about 62,000 square feet. That includes 96" lally columns every 24' O/C. The only basement I ...

Answered: A frog found his way past a cracked well cap and ...

Al- Pardon my curiosity, but how did you find out that the frog got into your well? Did the water taste funny?

Answered: Can i add lemon juice to my well

what exactly you wont to ask?
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Don't know the answer. Sorry but I don't know who you are asking about.

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The pressure valve is running constantly,even after putting new one on

If you mean that your pump is running continuosly while not shutting off on its own even when there is no water running check your contact points. A lot of times when there is rain (at least here in north central Fla) ants tend to gravitate to this area and when they do they cause a disruption. The ...