What does "unable to open this internet shortcut. The protocol "http" does not have a registered program" mean?

What does "unable to open this internet shortcut. The protocol "http" does not have a registered program" mean?

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Answered: How do I process shortcuts in Windows? Shortcuts are being created every

Create a Repair Disc. It works on all windows operating systems I believe. The second thing i would try is use MalewareByte. http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/ -- Free version. Don't let long directions bother you, it's really easy. Windows 7 Repair Disc. Start -- Control Panel -- Open the ...

Answered: Which programming language is best for automation industry?

If you want to know more about this problem then just visit automation anywhere expert as automation anywhere expert provides helps to develop automation templates to create an intelligent, automated task in a minute.

Answered: What does" 'void' does not name a type mean" in adruino

Void its name or data type for null value i.e void main(); means null value in main function.

Answered: What programs should I uninstall from my control

IF you have a program you want to uninstall, and if it is listed in control panel uninstall feature, use that. Otherwise, leave it alone.

Answered: Unable to access email past July 2014

Rocmike is now posting under his alias harley s. Another name that goes to his facebook profile page.-----------------Rocmike claims he's dead but judging by the sad lonely pathetic life he has he only wishes he was dead. How can anyone do nothing but post every hour of every day? Yesterday i put ...

Answered: E-mail unable to open

You can download AOL and reinstall. If needed it can be put on a CD. In your computer were you keep your downloads look for AOL.exe -- open -- aol setup. The AOL reinstall will probably be put on your Desktop. Don't sellect new account. --------------- http://help.aol.com/help/microsites/microsite ...
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