what does traumatic and thermal injuries mean?

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Answered: I've got to find a brain injury group in tampa, fl-help?

Try out legal directory, www.targetlaw.com

Answered: Personal injury lawyer

There are lots of lawyers around but it's hard to find one that is really reliable. Here's one I can say I can rely on for my legal supports http://www.floridafederaldefenseattorney.com

Answered: What is the max i can sue for in federal court on personal injury in st

There have been multi-million dollar lawsuits filed. If you are totally disabled from an injury you might be in that category, counting lost wages and future medical expenses. An attorney can tell you if there are limits on awards for pain and suffering, or what kind of awards are possible.

Answered: Can multiple back injuries result from a work related injury

Can an injury result from an injury? An injury is an injury.

Answered: Are there Thermal Injuries linked to Da vinci??

The past year, reviews of thermal injuries, accidental punctures and lacerations, additional to dying when using the da Vinci Surgical System elevated about 34 percent, based on online sources. Since the new scissors are really introduced, it's still uncertain whether this might lessen the reported ...

Answered: What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.
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If you have a brain injury and this leads to a ...

Yes, I would get a plan together and document what you can when you speak to a personal injury attorney.

Do I have legal recourse against the trauma unit for failure to diagnose

You have to prove that they delay in diagnosis caused you additional injury. Ask your friendly doctors this question. For more information on medical malpractice cases, see my website. See www.FloridaPersonalInjuryTrialLawyer.com

Relationshp between traumatic brain Injury and borderline prsonality

YES. After my brain Injury, my personality changed a great deal. I'm told by my close friends & relatives, prior to my injury, I was a happy go lucky guy. Today, I not that way. I want all the facts before I make any decision in my life