What does Tony Bourdain call Manhattan clam chowder?

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Answered: Would like to know what areas in indian river in brevard county and

Stop by your local FWL office. They will give you detailed maps.

Answered: Upper Eastside Manhattan New York City NY NYC ...


Answered: Www.dir.alabama.gov how do i find out if my clam will be granted

i want to know if my claim has been granted

Answered: How much cornmeal to cleans a bushel of clams

I've never cooked with clams so I have no idea. Sorry.

Answered: Clams

I believe Coral, but don't quote me.
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Actually, the seafood/sex connection usually refers to Oysters. While shellfish can benefit your reproductive system with nutrients like Zinc, don't expect it to magically turn anyone into a better lover. The aphrodisiac qualities of food are basically myths.

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Leave it to Dave to come up with the real answer. I know who to go to with any computer question! Good job!

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I actually love the Tony's but missed it this year but had it recorded! gonna watch it tonight! can't wait :)

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My family is from Massachuttes and we had family New England Clam Boils during the summer. They had a huge copper kettle that would take up two burners on the stove downstairs in the cellar. The main ingredients are litleneck clams, only found in New Engalnd, and clam juice after that it depends ...