What does this mean "What a hardy refrain"?

What does this mean "What a hardy refrain"?

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Answered: What could this mean "What A hardy refrain"?

Actually, no. It's hearty, not hardy. Look up the word hearty, and the rest should be self explanatory.

Answered: What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Answered: What does it mean when you are diagnosed with leukemia without mention of

I am very sorry about this. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor. Ask about his plan to treat you. It may give you hope and reassurance to hear what the plan is.

Answered: What is the meaning of life?

Douglas Adams defined the meaning of life as 42. The answer made no sense therefore the ultimate computer, Deepthot, devised a specialized way to devise a question that would then be answerable. That experiment was life on Planet Earth (if Slartibartfast is any authority). The actual meaning of ...

Answered: L altra donna i'm looking for the meaning or translation

l'altra donna is italian and means the other woman :) greetings, Nina

Answered: What does this quote mean????

You need to get that gal off the coke and meth RIGHT NOW!
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