What does this mean Bitte Schnell Versenden ! Danke mfg?

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Answered: What does to inibate mean to a person?

I think he meant intubate, but if he can't spell it I ain't telling him what it means.

Answered: Meaning of word assential

A hug is consequential If it's not consensual. The singular essential Is a word assentual.

Answered: What does PSA mean

PSA (medical term) is a test for Prostate-Specific Antigen. A high number indicates probable prostate cancer. PSA (Airline) was Pacific Southwest Airlines, now part of US Airways. There's also another regional carrier named PSA, also part of US Airways.

Answered: What does text symbol W mean?

In proofreading, WW means wrong word. Wdy means wordy. In texting, W can mean with. W8 is wait.
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What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Donald Schnell "The Money Doctor" anyone dealing with or heard of this

Don't go there, Said he was a direct lender. Farmed us out to a lender who closed my deal but could not fund. I lost 25K and when we tried to get the REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT back I got some story about being a pauper and all his assets were tied up in a foundation in Panama. Do you have a current ...

What does this asa mean for example... John Smith asa Michael Jones

I think you mean aka or a.k.a. which means "also known as".