what does the word diaconos mean?

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Answered: Gouring --- Does anyone know what this word means?

Could be Gauer, an edging process for sheared-from-plate metal bars. http://www.gauermetal.com/gauerbar.html

Answered: What is El Cibuco mean

En espanol, "El Cibuco" para es tributario poco.

Answered: Pass word does not work

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Password help for AOL and AIM services

Answered: How do I get Letter Garden to accept objectionable words?

Letter Garden allows me to use objectionable words without having to do anything. It has always allowed them.

Answered: "Ove" Word meaning?

i think it be love.

Answered: Is behavior same meaning with manners and habits?

Good behavior implies following specific rules and expectations, while good manners are following societal norms of respect and custom, which vary according to location.
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What Does This Word Mean And What Language?--ABRACITO

Abracito is Spanish and means "a small hug"

What is the meaning of the word 'adwalina' I think its a spanish word or

Could you have misheard the word and perhaps mean abuelita? It means little grandmother.

What is the meaning of the word dog?

There are several meanings for the word dog. The noun refers to a hairy mammal that barks and has teeth. As a verb it means to fasten (dog the hatch) or to follow closely (dog his footsteps). Informal use can refer to the feet (my barking dogs) or to an unattractive woman or a worthless person.

Definition of a word

Hi Tracy, ------ The word "set" can have several Hebrew words. Set in Tennise is מערכון (Ma'a'ra'chon). Set of plates is in Hebrew מערכת reads (ma'a're'chet). He was set is "סידרו" (reads Si'd'ru). I believe there are more (like: set free). ----------- Best regards,