what does the virgin mary represent to catholics?

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Answered: Ever Seen The Virgin Mary in a Tree?

No, and I don't see one here either.

Answered: Do YOU Think the Virgin Mary Manifests in a Restaraunt?

Saint Mary can show up any where she wants to. Atheists are all so scared and superstitious that they have to play games, but that is cause they don't know any thing that is worth knowing.

Answered: Unlimited talk, txt and data for virgin mobile

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Answered: Virgin Mary in my coffee cup

My first thought was a geisha girl.

Answered: Blessed virgin mary statue key west information is ...

When it comes to beliefs I believe it is something individual there is no right or wrong whatever you strongly believe in will guide you through your life.
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Where in the bible does it give the name of the Virgin Mary's mother?

The name 'Anne' derives from Hebrew. 'Hannah' meaning 'grace. Tradition refers to St. Ann as being the mother of Virgin Mary. Although not written of in the Bible, Ann is given credence in the non-biblical gospel of James. Saint Ann was born in Bethlehem and married Joachim from Nazareth in ...

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