what does the va. voting ballot looks like?

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Answered: Can I just vote for the president and not anything else on the ballot?

Oh yes, but a foolish move as most of the things that effect you personally are at the local level. Learn to voice your opinions to those in your State Government as that is where you can start to make a difference. Study the backgrounds of the locals that are running and vote for what YOU feel is ...

Answered: Did question #1 on the NJ ballot pass?

Who the hell cares? Seriously. The UN is virtually useless. No one pays any attention to anything they say, and by the time they finish discussing something and writing a sternly worded letter, a war could be over and done. They used to be important. Now they're just impotent.

Answered: I live in Arizona and my husband accidently signed my envelope on our

Call the County Recorder's office in the morning. They'll be able to tell you how to handle it. In Maricopa County that would be Helen Purcell, numbers (I suspect there will be others) 602-506-1511 or 602-506-1245

Answered: Hello, I am looking for someone whose name is ...


Answered: How much does VA Fraud cost each year

It's hard to tell, considering how many veterans the VA screws over every year.

Answered: We need to know how to place an issue on the voting ballot before the

Contact the county office in your area to have them explain it to you. Good luck.
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