what does the "S" mean on a 1960's dog tag?

what does the "S" mean on a 1960's dog tag?

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Answered: What is the history of dog tags?

The Civil War provided the first recorded incident of American soldiers making an effort to ensure that their identities would be known should they die on the battlefield. Their methods were varied, and all were taken on a soldier's own initiative. In 1863, prior to the battle of Mine's Run in ...

Answered: 1960's Doll with Dog

From your description, I would guess you're looking for a 'Liddle Kiddle' doll. Here are some web sites that might help (and be sure to look on eBay for further pictures to search through: Liddle Kiddle Images Liddle Kiddle Doll References Vintage Liddle Kiddles Liddle Kiddle Web Ring ...

Answered: What female sings bright sun shiny day in the 1960's/70's

I knew about Nash. The person I was looking for was Anne Murray. Thanks anyway
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