what does the red square with pink stripes mean?

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Answered: Why is the Jamaican beer called RED STRIPE??? Not because it has red

The red stripe refers to the red stripe on the Jamacian policeman's trousers

Answered: What kind of eye drops can be brougt over the counter for pink eyes or

If you are talking about conjunctivitis, or pink eye, good drops are neosporin eye drops. Here is information about the treatment. Here is more information about pink eye .

Answered: I don't have any problem with men wearing pink ...

Gender interuptus, sorry. No problem with pink ties or pink dress shirts. I think a pink sweater would make him a total faggot.

Answered: Are pink, red, purple, or jade green eyes natural? or are they

The redness of the iris is do to the very low amount of melanin (heu of eye) and ,yes, mostly occurs in albino people. Jade green eyes are somewhat rare, but completely natural and beautiful. Violet or purple eye hueis extremely rare, but it is natural due to a disease or mutation called ...

Answered: In some areas pink is just as commonly worn as it ...

Thanks for your comment, Daisy. This site is AOL Answers (formerly known as Yedda) and the site you were on is Article Alley. They may be partner sites, but for the most part when you ask a question about something you've read on Article Alley, those of us here on AOL Answers haven't read it and don ...
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survivor, Any hardware store can order pink light bulbs for you. You can also try www.ebay.com . Judy Sparky's Mom

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I am very sorry about this. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor. Ask about his plan to treat you. It may give you hope and reassurance to hear what the plan is.