what does the internet explorer 10 look like for windows 7?

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Answered: Internet explorer cannot open the internet site htpp:\\aol.com

Praise the Lord! Microsoft has finally done something right!

Answered: Slow Windows 7?

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Answered: I have Windows 7 running on my laptop. But rumor ...

did Microsoft announce that they are planning for win. 8?

Answered: Internet explorer 7

Look this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer_7

Answered: Windows7

When installing AOL 9.7 on a new operating system the AOL install CD will ask if you want a new account or if you already have one. Never choose a new account if you want to keep your old AOL setup.

Answered: My question is about Internet Explorer 7 is its minimum requirements

In a way, this is the wrong question. The right question might be "Is Internet Explorer worth using/having on your computer?" and the answer to that question would be a definitive "No!" IE crashes FAR to much for me for it to be practical to use it. I exclusively use Firefox. (Firefox 3.6 ...
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7, definitely. And you don't necessarily have to go with 64 bit processors... In the future, that will become standard, but if your computers have the processing power (Microsoft has an "upgrade adviser" which will tell you if your computers are up to spec or not to run 7), you could go with a 32 ...

What verson of aol email is needed for Windows internet explorer 10?

AOL Desktop 9.7 works with IE 10, and so does AOL Desktop 9.6. And you can also use Internet Explorer 10 with the web mail at mail.aol.com.

The big thing that I am missing is the 'go to desktop' or show desktop

on the very right hand side of your Task Bar you'll see a small vertical rectangle shaped area, just to the right of the clock. hover your mouse over it to hide all open windows and see the desktop. Click on it to minimise all open windows Over 10 Hours FREE Microsoft Office Online Training ...

Way to zoom in using Windows 7?

click start. type magnifier. on windows 7 anyway.