what does the halal label look like?

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Answered: Labels for yarmulkes

It is important to label them left and right. It would be a nice touch to do it in Yiddish.

Answered: Application of clothing labels on children's stuff

You can use label printer from RLSLTD to fulfill your requirements of labeling. It provides best label printer which is more useful for you than iron in labels.

Answered: Sratchy clothing labels.

Use Xpresa Woven Clothing Labels. They are top quality and cheap. www.xpresalabels.com

Answered: Kosher and Halal

They are not the same monopoly. At least not till theese days, who knows if palestinians disapear and jews buy the brand...

Answered: Is cheeder cheese halal? do

I have found one that is. Check out my blog: www.halalkitchen.wordpress.com

Answered: What are the name of some software programs that will assist me in making

If you go to avery.com and download the lables templates they will work in Microsoft Office very nicely. Good luck.
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This depends. Are the labels made for a laser or an inkjet printer? If you are using an inkjet printer and you are using glossy clear inkjet printable labels; it is best to use a low dpi setting when printing onto glossy clear labels. This has to do with the fact that these materials tend to have ...

Does Allen Family Foods Inc. have Kosher and Halal ...

Allen Family Foods provides Halal product. There are no Kosher endorsements for AFF chicken. Halal is not the same as Kosher - even if they share a number of foods acceptable by both faiths. The requirements of what they consider "holy", "blessed", or "acceptable" differ. All chicken processed ...

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