what does the french phrase si tu vois ma mere mean in english?

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Answered: What does phrase mean?

It could have a totally different meaning if your husband's name is Louie.

Answered: What does this quote mean????

You need to get that gal off the coke and meth RIGHT NOW!

Answered: What does "Je Vois Te" mean in French?

I see you (friend or relative). In French it would normally be Je te vois.

Answered: Meaning of the phrase or reply "I Guess So"

First of all... true definition of what someone responds with has to include 1) the circumstances...was the person giving full attn when asked the question (person being asked looking directly at the person asking?); what "tone" was the answer received in (did it sound like they were paying attn ...
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What does ooh...la la mean?

Hi Tim, It's like saying : "WOW !!!". Best regards,

What does "stroke or stoke each other's fire" mean ...

You are welcome! Always look for the clues... tone, mood, jestures. Sometimes it all happens so fast you don't notice them until you look back. Hope it was said to you in a positive way!

How do you say three little girlfriends in french?

trois petites amies en français

What does a phrase mean in english from spanish?

If you want to translate a phrase, you can use translate.google.com . It isn't perfect, and it may have alternate translations. A literal translation may not convey the idiomatic expression. If you don't spell it correctly, and capitalize correctly, and put accents where they belong, you may get ...