what does the F99 error code mean on a whirlpool duet washer?

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Answered: My whirlpool front-loading automatic washer is ...

First switch it on and put some water in, now unplug it and tilt back slightly to see if you can locate leak with a flashlight. If you can, plug in and empty it, unplug again and lay it on it's back. The pump is usually obvious as it has at least one rubber water pipe leading to drain. The hose ...

Answered: Washer displays LF Error Code

Internet search shows (for several models) Maytag code LF means Long Fill. You can fix it yourself if it's just the hose valve being turned off. LF flashes when the water level does not change for a period of time on OR water is present but control does not detect the water level changing. • Is ...

Answered: Notched washers

The New Z www.Z108.net

Answered: I continue to get Error Code 420 when I am trying ...

I apologize for the inconvenience. My best suggestion would be to contact our Mail team. To do so, please refer to the instructions in the following article: http://help.aol.com/help/microsites/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=70969 If you are still experiencing this problem, please ...

Answered: Why doesn t whirlpool stock split

Splitting a stock doesn't make it more valuable; a 2:1 split gives you twice as many shares, but they are only worth half what the old ones were. The stock exchange prefers stock prices between 10 and 100, but they don't require it. Some companies like Google have share prices over 800 but still do ...
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