what does the chemical symbol be'' represent?

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Answered: What does text symbol W mean?

In proofreading, WW means wrong word. Wdy means wordy. In texting, W can mean with. W8 is wait.

Answered: What is Gold and why is its chemical symbol Au?

its due to its latin name Imran http://www.myjewelersplace.com

Answered: Symbol

It's a winking smiley face

Answered: Does any one know what the symbols on the $1 dollar bill represent?

Please do honor us with one more little tidbit, PGR. Explain the full significance of the number of digits in the serial number, the meaning of the pyramid, and why they use two colors of ink. And please, tell us who makes the paper. Now go to Wikipedia, look it up, and pretend to be a genius ...

Answered: Want to buy carpet cleaning chemical from eplo

You can visit http://www.bulkwholesale.com.au/ and buy all the carpet cleaning products and solution. Worth visiting it.

Answered: Can i find the ouroborous symbol

Search for "ouroboros image" and you will find several. Wikipedia has a few. Photobucket says they have 916 images.
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What is importance of chemical in my life?

All physical things have a chemical makeup. Not to realize that means that you suffer both a lack of knowledge and a lack of critical thought. Remedy both to live happily.

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