what does the celebrity seating get you at the ringling brothers circus?

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Answered: Circus (Ringling Brothers) clowns of the 1970's.

Contact Pat Cashin He operates the International Clown Hall of Fame and will probably recognize the artists just by looking at the pictures. cashincomedy@yahoo.com

Answered: 1870 death of circus performer in Madagascar. How to find death

Some things will never be found, and you just have someones word for it that it happened there. Records are destroyed by flood and fire all the time but records out of the country are even worse, and some places never kept at all but for the church. Sorry to say but this would be a miracle if you ...

Answered: Celebrity circus (clothing info?)

Try contacting InStyle magazine to find out who the designers are. Good luck.

Answered: Celebrity Circus Stacy Dash Ribs Cracked

Fear Factor is a good example for how low people would go.

Answered: Continental airlines flights where can I see a seating chart and select a

If you Google "Continental Airlines seating chart" you'll get quite a few results. Most are trying to get you to buy your tickets from them, but at least one also has a link to seating charts you can view (depending on which plane's yours). You might also try going directly to the Continental ...

Answered: Looking for a toilet seat with a inner opening of appx. 10.5" W X 12.5

That's quite a bit larger than the standard oval toilet seat. These two sites may help, but I don't think you will find any that are over 9" wide inner opening - http://www.plumbingstore.com/oversized_toiletseats.html http://www.plumbingsupply.com/oversized-toiletseats.html
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