what does Santa look like in Brazil?

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Answered: Naked for Santa

merry xmas from anne vitasek!

Answered: Would it matter to kids whether Santa is true or not?

I never gave my kids any illusions about Santa Claus. However, I told them the real story about Saint Nicholas -- the man who listened to God, provided dowries to indigent young women, sat on the Council of Nicea, and far more. Nicholas' life seems torn from the pages of high adventure stories ...

Answered: Please tell me where Santa is at this time?

Maybe Santa has some doppelgangers. Bubba just came in from the Blue Monkey and told me that he saw Santa is a booth with two elves and a fairy. Bubba spoke to Santa and Santa said that since global warming was a failure, that he and his help needed to get their antifreeze titers up.

Answered: Walk to Brazil

lol that is not walking distance. You must take a plane.

Answered: Cant receiveemails from Brazil

Hey Sonia, I will look around today to see what we can come up with, with any luck I could find answer, I wonder if anybody else having the same problem, the hunt go on,, BM302

Answered: Got a question about Brazil? Type your question here...is Ronaldinho

Brazil is on the CONTINENT of South America, and the USA,Mexico, Canada, etc., are of the NORTH American one.
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Do you use Santa to discipline your kids?

There is no question about Santa Claus -- more properly Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, Turkey. He was tortured for the faith, gathered his friends and gave dowries to indigent young women, orchestrated Church-sponsored Christian charities, sat on the Council of Nicea, and much more. Actually, he ...

What are the most useful local websites in Brazil ? if I go there fo 1

Thanks Buttman, but ;) .. have you got other ones, like 10 even some specialize sites about cities (but not the one from tourist office), categories... like party of course and other things ? thanks again !

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus out of dish detergent bottles

I am looking for the same thing. I have a set that was made for me years ago. I contacted the friend, now 86 , and she said she had gotten rid of all her patterns when she was moved into a senior center. I would like to make these for my kids. If you run across them will you share?

Brazil & Yellow Fever Inoculations

No. You need that only if you are going into the jungle. I have been there many times. Nothing is needed just for Rio but a Visa.