what does RM mean in RM auctions?

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Answered: How to be an auctioneer in california

Try www.7bidz.com .. Cool gadgets and the customer service is really helpful.

Answered: TIME REQ. to paint 540 sq. foot RM.?

Brush, roller or sprayer? How much masking do you have to do? Ceiling, too? One coat or two? Don't ask a question unless you're willing to give some details.

Answered: What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Answered: I am trying to look up Storage Auctions for this ...

Go to auctionzip.com Put in your zip code. It will show you all the auctions in your area for the coming weeks.

Answered: How do you find storage unit auctions???

Lockaway gives excellent self storage spaces for residential & public storage needs. It is a self storage company offering storage space at affordable price.

Answered: Auction Of Alarm Clock

The text of my previous post was omitted, so I ended up looking like a total ass. Anyway, the WestClox Big Ben has only been around 100 years. Here's a link for more info: http://clockhistory.com/westclox/products/ben/index.html
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Surplus or abandon storage units for auction

The best source for finding storage auctions is a subscription service called AUCTIONgram .

When are some auctions around sevierville, tennessee

AUCTIONgram is a new service that will notify you of local storage auctions by ZIP code. Subscribers have the option of receiving alerts for storage auctions by state, metro area, or within a ZIP code radius.

General merchandise and surplus auctions in sothern California

You can also look into estate auctions in the Los Angeles area. You can great deals on things, especially nowadays. Good luck!

Online auctions

Toppennyauctions.com interested me so I was Looking at their bid to win option and trying it for myself I found that it is a true bid til you win, with no gimmicks. A few other sites offer bid til you win, but the gimmic was if you didn't win the auction you could buy the item and apply the lost ...