What does probation for a deadbeat dad in texas mean?

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Answered: Help Locating Deadbeat Dad

Contact your local prosecuting attorney and he will point you in the right direction at no charge to you. When he is located, take him to court and require that his payments be made through the state after that. It will delay your first check by one month but it will catch up on the other end. Then ...

Answered: Probate Do I have to file a probate for my husband ...

You might need to file in probate court to get title transferred to your name for the house. The vehicles, if registered in both names, you can probably go to the DMV with a death certificate; but if they are only in his name, you might need probate. But depending on your state, there may be a ...

Answered: Can i violate probation for too much prescription medication in urine

What were the charges that lead to probation? What is the medication involved? Do you possess a current prescription for the medication that was found in your urine>

Answered: Must my home be sold?

If there are enough funds to cover for remaining debts, there is no need to sell your house. Assets are normally liquidated to pay for probate expenses only when the Executor (that would be you, in this case) or remaining family members cannot pay for those expenses.

Answered: Obtain car title of deceased family member to sell?? Do I have to probate

A Letter of Testamentary suggests that your father established a trust before his passing. If this is so, the named trustee could probably obtain the title using the Letter you speak of. However, there may be an advantage in using the afore-mentioned Letter of Administration from a Probate Court ...
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Try to find an online website for Suffolk County Probate Court and you can probably check online by searching his name to see if probate is open or not. If probate is open you can file a claim. If it is closed it is too late to file a claim.