what does Possession Subject to Tenant rights mean?

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Answered: A deed read was joint tenants with the right of ...

What if one of the persons has been missing for over a year and can not be found, and upkeep needs to be made on the property and a loan is needed, but the other person will most likely never come back, what can be done or form filed?

Answered: How to void joint tenants rights of survivors ship ?

If you do a quick claim deed to your self that should terminiate the jount tenancy. You be tenants in common, i don't know if that helps your situation. First thing i'd do is ask your friend to quick claim the house back to you, that's the right thing to do , but few people do the right thing these ...

Answered: What a landlord can do if agent of the tenant failed to pay the rent?

As enjoyable as it would be to start making renovations on the rental property to make them leave, the safer and usually more effective route for getting them out and recovering back rent is to file for eviction in rent court. In a nutshell, you have to serve them with an eviction notice (each ...

Answered: My deceased wife and I had our property recorded ...

Hi JD You need to speak to a lawyer but joint tenants with rights to the survivor means that you have rights to the property. I understand why her kids are upset but if that is what she wanted then you need to make sure your lawyer ensures that is what will happen. best of luck

Answered: If a tenant pays their own heat bills are they responsible for

Unless it is in your lease. Does your lease say anything about the furnace?

Answered: I, as a single parent, had my home assigned as ...

Since your misgivings are certainly valid and your other two children would probably handle your estate more responsibly, it would be best to consult a lawyer to make sure your wishes are carried out without exceptions or loopholes.
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Landlord tenant rights

Foreclosure is a tough situation. I don't think the landlord can do anything since he legally does not own the home anymore. I would recommend contacting the bank that is foreclosing on the property to see if you legally need to vacate the premises. Good luck.

Tenants rights

Tenant rights varies with the type of tenants,Whether you are short term or fixed tenant for 1 year lease .Tenants rights includes fixtures & fittings, deposit ,peace and quite as a essential requirement.

What are the tenants/shareholders rights residing at a (HDFC

Check out http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/index.shtml for some helpful information. Good luck!

Landlord uses rental house as collateral and defaults on loan, tenant

If you know who foreclosed then call them immediately. They would most likely prefer to have a tenant than have a totally vacant property. When you go see them, take a copy of the lease. In some states a lease is legally valid only when recorded at the Court House - You may want to look into that ...