what does petrified dinosaur poop look like?

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Answered: What did dinosaur poop look like?

gigantic and stinky. you can find some fossilized but no one wants to tell you they found it

Answered: Why do so many poops look like tails?

my dog has poop tail when he takes a dump and its or , i wont let him back inside until he looses it

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Answered: What Killed the Dinosaurs?

nature. people killing animals for there own interest.
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Dinosaur Gizzard Stones

The Gizzard stones are actually also called gastroliths, these stones that the sauropods swallow help the digestion prosses because the sauropods that do have them just bite and swallow, so the Gastroliths actually move, crush, and break-down the food. I hope this helps:)

Extinction of dinosaurs

I believe the asteroid had a profound effect on the extinction at the K-T boundary. However, there are or were other factors that I feel made the large, terrestrial dinosaurs particularly susceptible to the changes brought about by the global climactic disaster precipitated by the asteroid.

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